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Sometimes the absurdity of what others say is just too much…

Beware the PayScale Marketing Trap

The current PayScale “Develop a Market-Based Pay Structure” marketing publication is deceptive, inaccurate, and, given the apparent quality of their data, could set you up for a non-competitive and divisive pay program that increases turnover and employee dissatisfaction. PayScale is … Continue reading

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Provider Retention Best Practice

Listen to them. I contemplated just “dropping the mic” and walking away after saying that, but felt compelled to explain. In the last few months we’ve had numerous calls and emails from both health centers and PCAs looking for help … Continue reading

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How Much Provider Productivity Does Your Phone System Cost You?

While this is known primarily as a human resources focused blog, we frequently reach out into other areas of FQHC operations when they have an impact on what we do.  Right now, the biggest hot button we see is in … Continue reading

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Put Patients or Employees First? The Dichotomy that Isn’t

How exactly does an FQHC best achieve its mission?  My answer has always been that an FQHC needs to stop thinking in “non-profit” terms and all its attendant baggage, and rather focus on running like a business.  Unfortunately, not all … Continue reading

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CEO Pay Ratios in FQHCs – Silly But Interesting

One of the silliest statistics that pundits obsess over is the “CEO Pay Ratio” — the percentage by which the pay of the Chief Executive Officer exceeds that of the average employee of the company (others use the lowest paid employee). … Continue reading

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