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Health Care Industry Annual Turnover Rate About 32%

The health care industry is experiencing roughly 32% turnover annually, of which about two-thirds represent “voluntary separations.”  Health centers realize turnover is a significant problem, and a difficult one to tackle.  While everyone wants to reduce turnover, many organizations don’t … Continue reading

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Health Centers Need to Address Provider Gender Pay Inequities

On International Women’s Day, we thought it appropriate to begin the release of information from Merces’ FQHC Provider Productivity and Compensation Survey, the only study of its kind, with data on how female providers’ pay stacks up with their male … Continue reading

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Your FQHC’s Market-Based Pay Program Causes Gender Inequity

Many health centers are only now developing the type of compensation programs they need to support their ever more complex organizations.  However, they are learning to do so at a particularly bad time.  Some years ago, the compensation profession turned … Continue reading

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The FQHC HR Department – Good Cop or Bad Cop?

Of all the functions in an FQHC, human resources seems to be the one that has a “personality,” frequently reflecting its leader, and that is very rarely a good thing.  Every function should have a clear mission in support of the mission of … Continue reading

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How Much Provider Productivity Does Your Phone System Cost You?

While this is known primarily as a human resources focused blog, we frequently reach out into other areas of FQHC operations when they have an impact on what we do.  Right now, the biggest hot button we see is in … Continue reading

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