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Compensation Surveys The Right Way — Don’t Make My Mistake

Before I returned to Merces Consulting, I spent many years working on my own and raising my family.  During that time I managed to keep busy doing independent consulting, the majority of which was spent conducting market surveys for local … Continue reading

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Gender and FQHC Executive Compensation

The concern over gender pay differentials in society today is significant. Like many other issues, it has become politicized and polarized, with more people seemingly wanting to shout the other side down rather than actually find out the root causes. Most studies report … Continue reading

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Compensation Pre-Resolution Thoughts

The impending New Year brings the opportunity to start anew, always with the assumption that we are moving on to bigger and better things. Resolutions have to be made on an existing solid foundation, however, or they will end up … Continue reading

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FQHC 2015 Compensation Resolution #1 – Straighten Out Provider Salaries

Provider compensation will continue to be high on the list of “to dos” for FQHC senior managers in 2015. There is no indication that the shortage of interested providers will be easing any time soon, and recruiters are bombarding these … Continue reading

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Compensation 101 – The Essentials

Certainly there are differences of opinion among human resources professionals about what is “essential” in a pay program, and certainly trends come and go, but common sense and decades of experience and observation will lead most practitioners (well, those without … Continue reading

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