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Health Care Industry Annual Turnover Rate About 32%

The health care industry is experiencing roughly 32% turnover annually, of which about two-thirds represent “voluntary separations.”  Health centers realize turnover is a significant problem, and a difficult one to tackle.  While everyone wants to reduce turnover, many organizations don’t … Continue reading

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Beware the PayScale Marketing Trap

The current PayScale “Develop a Market-Based Pay Structure” marketing publication is deceptive, inaccurate, and, given the apparent quality of their data, could set you up for a non-competitive and divisive pay program that increases turnover and employee dissatisfaction. PayScale is … Continue reading

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Provider Compensation 101 – Maybe Extra Pay Isn’t Worth the Extra Work

[This is part of a new series on specific issues related to provider compensation, designed to be “short and sweet” and prompt thinking before doing.] When improving productivity will take time away from your providers’ personal lives, expect push-back.  When … Continue reading

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New Compensation Metrics – A 2017 Resolution

Originally posted on The Compensation Times:
The compensation profession suffers from a severe lack of effective metrics.  To be frank, the typical measures used in describing compensation program success really have nothing to do with success.  This year, try something…

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Your Front-Line Staff Have Pay Pressures — Understand Them

Pay isn’t always the answer to every problem, but understanding the pay pressures on the most vulnerable of our employees is essential for every health center.  Front-line employees in the FQHC environment, whether in the the “front office” or “back … Continue reading

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