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The FQHC HR Department – Good Cop or Bad Cop?

Of all the functions in an FQHC, human resources seems to be the one that has a “personality,” frequently reflecting its leader, and that is very rarely a good thing.  Every function should have a clear mission in support of the mission of … Continue reading

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Compensation Pre-Resolution Thoughts

The impending New Year brings the opportunity to start anew, always with the assumption that we are moving on to bigger and better things. Resolutions have to be made on an existing solid foundation, however, or they will end up … Continue reading

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EEOC Rules “Sexual Orientation” Within Definition of “Sex” for Purpose of Civil Rights Act of 1964

Originally posted on The Compensation Times:
In a decision issued July 16, 2015, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled that claims of lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals may be brought to the EEOC under the provisions of Title…

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Instead of Googling “How To Attract Millennials,” Why Don’t You Just Ask Us?

Originally posted on The Compensation Times:
I was born in 1991. I had my first cell phone in middle school, my first email address when I was probably 10. And yes, I was given the much derided participation trophies and…

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Quickly Ban any Bans on Talking About Salaries

A lot of “compensation tips” arrive in my inbox, from a lot of well-meaning folks, some of whom you probably consider to be “experts.”  One of today’s includes a tip cautioning employers about their rules banning talk about salaries.  Basically, … Continue reading

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