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Beware the PayScale Marketing Trap

The current PayScale “Develop a Market-Based Pay Structure” marketing publication is deceptive, inaccurate, and, given the apparent quality of their data, could set you up for a non-competitive and divisive pay program that increases turnover and employee dissatisfaction. PayScale is … Continue reading

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Provider Compensation 101 – Maybe Extra Pay Isn’t Worth the Extra Work

[This is part of a new series on specific issues related to provider compensation, designed to be “short and sweet” and prompt thinking before doing.] When improving productivity will take time away from your providers’ personal lives, expect push-back.  When … Continue reading

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Stop Asking Candidates About Current/Past Pay

Last week, New York City barred employers from asking potential employees about their current or previous salary.   This action is yet another in the long list of things that end up getting regulated because organizations just can’t get rid … Continue reading

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