Instead of Googling “How To Attract Millennials,” Why Don’t You Just Ask Us?

The Compensation Times

I was born in 1991. I had my first cell phone in middle school, my first email address when I was probably 10. And yes, I was given the much derided participation trophies and ribbons. But which generation was giving out those trophies exactly? We can put the inter-generational hostility aside. I’m not here to force you to learn internet slang and I expect you’re not going to force me to watch Cheers. You want to attract young professional Millennials, and we want jobs to pay off our student loans. We have a shared interest here.

As it turns out, it’s very easy to find Millennial talent. We comprise over a third of the global workforce and that percentage is only going up. There are a lot of us out there. We’re all hungry for work. The real surprise is how easy it can be to retain Millennial talent…

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Edmund B. Ura, MAIR, JD, works with governing boards, executives and human resources staff to develop methodologies for ensuring fair and equitable compensation programs that support achievement of organizations' missions. Contact Ed at
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