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Covering up for bad performance management may well hurt your best employees

Sometimes management mistakes hit a little too close to home, and you realize that the things that organizations do to protect themselves from bad management can end up costing them their best people.  This week, someone I know very well … Continue reading

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Sometimes getting more can cost less…..

One of the best places to look for improvements in health center performance, as well as improvement in the quality (and quality of life) of your workforce is at the entry level — particularly in the front office and basic … Continue reading

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What is the labor market…and will it take my debit card?

What exactly is the labor market, and what does it mean to a health center manager?  As managers, we want to know what the labor market is, so we can determine what data we need to collect.  The data will … Continue reading

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Welcome to Merces Consulting Group, Inc.

Welcome to Merces Consulting Group, Inc. (Merces), a management consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations — particularly migrant/community health centers — improve the return on their human resource investment.   Merces is the new name for Management Resource Center, Inc., a … Continue reading

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